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The Common Application is a platform used by students in the United States to apply to colleges and universities. One popular option for applicants is the Early Decision agreement, which allows students to apply early and receive an admissions decision sooner than regular decision applicants.

For the 2020 application cycle, the Common App released a new Early Decision Agreement PDF that students and their parents or guardians are required to sign. This document outlines the terms and conditions of applying through the Early Decision program.

One of the key aspects of the Early Decision Agreement is that it is a binding agreement. This means that if a student is accepted to a college or university through Early Decision, they are required to enroll at that institution and withdraw their applications from all other schools. This commitment is taken seriously by colleges and universities, and violating the Early Decision Agreement could have serious consequences for a student`s college admissions process.

The Early Decision Agreement PDF also includes information about financial aid and scholarship opportunities. It outlines that if a student is accepted through Early Decision, they will receive a financial aid award letter that will detail any grants, scholarships, and loans available to them. It also clarifies that while students may be able to compare financial aid offers from different schools, they cannot use financial aid as a reason to back out of the Early Decision agreement.

Another key aspect of the Early Decision Agreement is that it requires both the student and their parent or guardian to sign. This ensures that everyone involved in the admissions process is aware of and agrees to the terms of the Early Decision program.

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In conclusion, the Common App Early Decision Agreement PDF is an important document for students and families considering applying to colleges and universities through Early Decision. Its binding nature and financial aid policies should be carefully considered before making a commitment to this admissions program.